Our Rates

Legal battles are already difficult as it is, with the financial pressures involved, it can be even more challenging to keep pursuing litigation. During these times, many people turn to lawsuit loans for relief. At Litigation Finance, it is our mission to empower individuals who are going through these tough times. Our commitment is demonstrated by offering solutions with the lowest interest rates in the industry. Below, we will explain how your interest rate is determined.

Factors Affecting Your Lawsuit Loan Rates

Lawsuit loan rates are very different from the loan rates you are already familiar with. Its non-recourse nature allows the plaintiff to get access to funding regardless of personal finances or credit history. Instead, the rate is based specifically on the details of your case.

Complexity of the Case

The level of complexity in your case plays a crucial role in determining the interest rates for a loan. As every case has its intricacies our system takes this into account to provide a fair assessment of the associated risks.

Assessing Risk

There will be a team of professionals to go over the risks involved in your case. After evaluating the details we will set the rate accordingly. This approach will ensure that you receive an interest rate that alights with the circumstances of your lawsuit.

Our Repayment Process

Repaying a lawsuit loan should not add stress to a challenging situation. With Litigation Finance we have simplified the repayment process. Once your case reaches a resolution your lawyer will handle all repayments and associated expenses directly. This streamlined approach guarantees a stress-free experience for you, as the plaintiff.

Apply Now at No Cost

Securing a lawsuit loan with Litigation Finance is designed to be hassle-free. The application process is straightforward, and approval times can be as short as 24 hours. Litigation Finance becomes your financial ally throughout the legal proceedings journey.